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This game in called “Crazy Bomberman” and it will indeed drive you crazy for sure ;-).

This is a free online game based on the famous Bomberman arcade game with a “japanese” look and feel and characters !

Play Crazy Bomberman

Bomberman is a very basic but addictive game where you have to trap your opponent and make him explode with a bomb.

In Crazy Bomberman, this is not bombs anymore, but water bubbles !

When the bubble explodes, you opponent is trapped into the bubble and you have to make it explode running to it.

You can move blocks, hide into trees, and many other funny options that are not offered in the original version of Bomberman !

    How to play Crazy Bomberman game online ?

    How to play bomberman on internet

    This game is very easy to play : arrow keys to move and space bar to launch a bomb !

    Use also numerical keys when you have super powers !

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