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This game in called “Super Mario Bomberman”.

This is the famous Bomberman arcade style game with a “Super Mario” look and feel !

You are actually playing Super Mario against all other famous characters such as Luigi…

Play Super Mario Bomberman

The principle is very simple, but quite addictive : you have to:

  • move around destroying side bricks and walls with bombs
  • catch super power options (multiple bombs, wider explosion, speed increase, …)
  • avoid bombs of opponents
  • kill opponents with your bombs

How to play Super Mario Bomberman game online ?

Play bomberman online

This game is very easy to play : arrow keys to move and space bar to launch a bomb !

But remember that the wider explosion are becoming, the more dangerous it is for you Mario to move around bricks… think to hide !

Remember as well than you can get multiple bombs, then launch several ones to trap your opponent !

Ready to play Super Mario Bomberman online ?

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