Play & share online arcade games to help your relatives quit smoking

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Have you ever thought free online games could become a new way to help people quit smoking or at least make them seek help and support from health professional to quit smoking ?

Crazy idea ? Well… since most marketing campaigns are going online, using viral videos or other online viral contents, there is no reason not to go for it for health concerns as well !

Serious Quitters’ Arcade is website offering 3 free online flash games where your mission is to fight cigarettes, smokers or health issues of smoking.


The 3 games have a look and feel of classic arcade games we played back in the 80`s so it’s quite fun to rediscover this kind of games for a good cause.

Can’t wait longer to play and discover it on your own ? Ok, have a try on Smokey

Since it is necessary to fight tobacco early in order to prevent young people to start smoking, using free online games is quite a good idea to raise awareness for a young target that is spending more and more time online, rather than in front of the television !

Additionally, a Facebook app is proposed to exploit the power of social network: with 

Blast N Quit you can play with your Facebook community without leaving your favourite social network: Install the scoreboard application on your profile and you will also be able to track your friends’ scores !

Don’t wait a second to try the Serious Quitters’ Arcade games and share them with your friends and relatives !

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