13 December, 2010 0

Play Super Mario Bomberman

Catégorie: Arcade

Play Super Mario BombermanThis game in called "Super Mario Bomberman". This is the famous Bomberman arcade style game with a "Super Mario" look and feel ! You are actually playing Super Mario against all other famous characters such as Luigi... The principle is very simple, but quite addictive : you have to: move around destroying side bricks and walls with bombs catch super power options (multiple bombs, wider explosion, speed increase, ...) avoid bombs of opponents kill opponents with your bombs How to play Super Mario Bomberman ...

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12 January, 2010 0

Play Tetris Online

Catégorie: Logic, Puzzles

Play Tetris OnlineWho does not know Tetris, the famous logic game where bricks of various shapes are falling down ? You have to think fast and make the best out of your IQ to play this game: Assemble bricks to create complete lines and they will disapear : this game is as easy as this ! But take care and think really fast, because the more you get used to the logic of Tetris, the faster the bricks are falling down ...

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