19 April, 2009 0

Play Bubble Spinner

Catégorie: Puzzles

Play Bubble SpinnerReady to play Bubble Spinner ? Your role in this free online flash game is to clear all the bubbles from the board scoring as many points as possible. You can raise the number of points by grouping bubbles by three or more with the same colour before clearing them... But, be careful : each time you shoot, the bubble is going to make the board turn, making it more complex for you to create groups of bubbles with ...

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7 February, 2009 0

Play Bubble Avoider online

Catégorie: Labyrinth

Play Bubble Avoider online In this game you are driving a fish with arrow keys from your keyboard. Each time a small worm is appearing you have to drive your fish to this worm in order to feed him. You have to avoir all bubbles appearing more and more... Remember that each time you eat a worm, you fish is getting bigger... Good luck !

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